A brief history

About Radar Holdings Limited

Radar Holdings Limited was founded in 1949 as a multi-faceted operation with the bulk of its interests being allied to the construction industry. The company currently owns shareholding in two companies, Radar Properties Private Limited, which is a property development firm currently developing Kings City as well as Radar Investments Private Limited trading as Macdonald Bricks, which is a brick manufacturing company that holds 60% market share of the brick supply market in Matabeleland.

The subsidiaries’ operations are based in Bulawayo and plans are in motion to expand geographically. The company delisted from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) as a strategic move to create and maintain maximum value for stakeholders. At the core of RHL and its subsidiaries’ value proposition is excellence in the form of reliable and quality products and service provision, unparalleled customer service and creating value for the company’s most important assets, its employees, and shareholders. Despite the challenges the firm has faced in its long history these are values the company continues to firmly uphold.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."



Radar Holdings Subsidiaries

About Macdonald Bricks

  • A division of Radar Investments Private Limited

    One of Zimbabwe's most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of quality clay bricks and pavers with a 60% market-share. The company operates two brick manufacturing plants, Montgomery plant, as well as Willsgrove Plant.

  • Production and Performance

    A SAZ and Claybrick Association accredited manufacturer, the company subscribes to the highest quality standards in all manufacturing processes and seek to minimise carbon emissions building sustainable plants that are built with the environment in mind.

Radar Holdings Subsidiaries

Radar Properties P/L

  • Kings City

    Radar Properties, the property development unit of Radar Holdings Limited is currently developing upwards of 2000 hectares of real estate property. The property development is know as Kings City, a premium brand designed to facelift upmarket Bulawayo.

  • A Value System

    Committed to building a premium, low to medium density community with high standards and even higher property values with direct intention towards sustainable development methods.

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