Social Impact

We are keenly interested in the development of the communities around us and effectively take actions to promote their growth and advancement. Here are a few of our recent contributions:


  • NUST University
  • Hillside Dams Conservancy
  • Falcon College

National University of Science & Technology

Through Macdonald Bricks, we contributed to the building progress of the university campus through brick donations in the interest of promoting the educational institutions that make the most significant direct impact on our community. This 2022, we recently signed an MOA to supply bricks for their perimeter wall project.


Hillside Dams Conservancy

We contributed to the activities available at Hillside Dams Conservancy by building a custom design braai stand that has created a new  point of interest for the conservancy. We continue to contribute in multiple ways to the conservancy and are part of the platinum corporate membership. Shown here is our FD, Mr Zimunya at the handover ceremony of the braai stand.

Falcon College

We contributed bricks to the building of a few units of new infrastructure at Falcon college. Education continues to form a central part to our social contributions.


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Our Operations

  • Land Development

    Through its subsidiaries, Radar Holdings owns over 2000 hectares of land currently being developed as Kings City.

  • Bricks & Pavers

    Trading as Macdonald Bricks, we manufacture and supply bricks and pavers upwards of a 100 million each year.

  • Additional Services

    Value add services complementary to manufacture and land development projects including brick delivery.

  • Residential Stands

    Low to medium density stands for sale in Bulawayo through Radar Properties developed to become Kings City.

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